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Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays


Sự kết hợp hiệu năng nhanh của flash và khả năng phân tích dự đoán để cung cấp những dữ liệu nhanh và tuyệt vời nhất

Thông số kỹ thuật


  • 5 - 167 TiB raw capacity

  • 4 - 124 TiB usable capacity

  • 19 - 620 TiB effective capacity

Drive description

  • SATA SSDs 240 GB SSD 480 GB SSD 960 GB SSD 1.92 TB SSD 3.84 TB SSD


  • Up to 2 all-flash expansion shelves (depending on the model)

Maximum drives per enclosure

  • 48 (Two banks of 24 SSD drives per base array)

Host interface

  • 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel 8 Ports 10 Gb/s iSCSI 8 Ports 1 Gb/s Ethernet 8 Ports 10 Gb/s Ethernet 8 Ports Maximum supported, depending on configuration

Storage controller

  • 2

Availability features

  • Triple+ Parity RAID for data protection (Triple drive parity plus intra-drive parity) 99.9999% guaranteed availability Redundant HW/SW design: no single points of failure

Compatible operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows Server

  • VMware ESXi

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

  • Ubuntu Server Edition LTS

  • Oracle Linux

  • Oracle Solaris

  • Citrix XenServer


  • For the latest information on supported operating systems refer to Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge for HPE Storage Products (SPOCK):

Product dimensions (H x W x D)

7”H x 17.5”W x 26.5”D


80 lb (70 lb all-flash shelf)


HPE Nimble Storage arrays come with the following warranties: 1 year, parts-only warranty for hardware components 90 day, software updates for defects Additionally, HPE Nimble Storage will provide phone support for replacing a defective part. Additional support coverage is required for HPE Nimble Storage arrays. NOTE: For hardware warranty claims, defective part must be received before replacement parts are shipped.

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